TATA NEN: Nominations by Force?

Now this is interesting in a murky kind of way. Tata NEN Hottest Startups 2008 has whipped up a minor storm because it is allegedly “forcibly nominating startups”. Yusuf Motiwala, founder and CEO of Bangalore-based VoIP startup TringME, blogs that the company has turned up on the contest’s list of nominees despite emailing in a specific request to “withdraw” its nomination. Here’s an excerpt from his post on why TringMe did not want to participate in the contest in first place:

It’s really very simple.  NEN-HS is a contest and hence by definition every company that participates – having spent quality time filling up the detailed forms – needs to be given the same shot and fair treatment by the organizers.  In other words, the playing field needs to be leveled before the innings begin.  However, NEN has conveniently positioned few startups in the beginning

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