Sankalp Summit: How NDMI’s smoke free cook stoves cut air pollution by upto 80%

Nav Durga Metal Industries (NDMI) manufactures and supplies high-efficiency biomass (rice husk, pellet and other agri/ wood waste) stoves across India and developing countries. It aims to reduce the use of natural resources and harmful fuels and replace them with better alternatives and thereby address the environmental, health, financial and social issues related to cooking for its customers.

HQ: Faizbad, Uttar Pradesh

Founded: 2009

Founders/ Team: AR Shukla, Saurabh Sagar Jaiswal, Vibhore Jaiswal, Arvind Sagar Jaiswal

How it works: The company says that its cook stoves reduce cooking costs by 80 per cent and indoor air pollution by 60-80 per cent.

What next: The company has developed more than 10 designs for burning rice husk effectively and efficiently. In the next few years, it aims to distribute 50 lakh smoke-less cook stoves across India.

Nav Durga Metal Industries is a finalist at the Sankalp Awards 2014.

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