Guest Column: Venture Capital is About Investing in the Right People

Why do some entrepreneurs grab venture capitalists’ attention more easily than others? How do some startups manage to raise multiple rounds of venture funding with apparent ease while others struggle eternally? What is that elusive quality that venture capitalists look for in an entrepreneur? Suvir Sujan, co-founder and managing director of Nexus India Capital, a Mumbai-based venture capital firm that has $320 million in funds under management, says a good venture capitalist looks for Six Sigma entrepreneurs. Sujan has been an entrepreneur himself (he co-founded and led online marketplace Baazee) and explains why being a Six Sigma entrepreneur is not as complicated as it sounds.

By Suvir Sujan

Markets change. Competitors change. Customers change. Regulations change. Suppliers change. But people rarely change. What differentiates a great venture capitalist from a good one is the ability to identify and invest in the right people or ‘Six Sigma’ entrepreneurs, as we like to call them at Nexus India Capital.

Top Ten Traits of a ‘Six Sigma’ Entrepreneur

  1. Smart – High on common sense
  2. Passionate – Really believes in the idea
  3. Quick – Acts on things immediately
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