Startup Review: Mnemonic Dictionary

I’m still making up my mind about whether Mnemonic Dictionary is a business or a nice college hobby project. The thought was put into my head by a well wisher who often chides me for writing about eminently forgettable startups on this blog. My counter argument always is that any pre-funded startup deserves a hearing. But let’s not digress.

Mnemonic Dictionary did, in fact, start as a hobby project for founder Amit Aggarwal when he was in his final year at IIT Bombay and having trouble remembering words for his GRE tests. He persevered (not with the GRE) and launched the beta version of Mnemonic this May — it is a user-driven online database of mnemonics and words — in Hyderabad. It now claims 8,900 registered users (free) and is self funded

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