Heart and Solo

As I write this, Bhavik Gandhi is just about 500 km away from Antigua. Gandhi is attempting to become the first Asian to row solo across the Atlantic. That’s right, rowing all the way, from El Hierro off the Spanish coast – he set off from El Hierro on the 28 th of February – to Antigua. But who is Gandhi and what is he doing on this blog? There is a link, folks. Gandhi is a Stockholm-based venture capitalist who is clearly the adventurous sort.

The son of Gujarati lawers, he went to school in Mumbai’s Bombay Scottish and later immigrated to the UK. Now principal partner at Development Venture Capital Group (he founded the firm in 2003. It specializes in micro venture capital for social entrepreneurs in developing countries), he has trekked in the Siberian and Mongolian wilderness in the height of winter; has been part of several mountaineering expeditions around the world; cycled from Stockholm to Istanbul and has, among other things, wreck-dived in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

But ‘solo ocean rowing’, he says, is the last great challenge. I’ve been following his trail on his website/blog (imagine, the guy actually finds time to send daily dispatches from the middle of the ocean) and in about a week’s time, he should, Inshallah, touch Anitgua. And when he does that, says Gandhi, all he would want to do is to have a “shower, a warm meal and sleep in a bed that does not move.”

Point your cursors at www.humanedgetech.com/expedition/bhavik/ for a most excellent read of a most excellent adventure.

WP_20140216_005Author: Murali K Menon is deputy editor at Man’s World, a leading lifestyle magazine published from Mumbai. Follow @getmur.